Flag Bracelet

The glitzy flag bracelet for every patriotic person out there

The truths behind all the glitzy and peppy products present in the market are for a prime reason of making everyone look much more presentable and fashionable. Not only do such wonderful products create a buzz in the minds of people but also present a much bigger choice to choose from. One of them is the flag bracelet. The bracelet has a unique charm of its own which lies in the mere fact that it matches everyone’s style and also accentuates it to some another level. It also has been making round in the markets where the popularity is concerned. It also has to itself a great looking color range which one can choose from to match with different attires. The bracelet comes in the American and British version which any one can wear for all the days in a year and still not get bored of it.


Flag Bracelet

The patriotic feeling that it brings out is also one of the prime reason why such a wonderful product has been making a lot of popularity. For Americans, around the 4th of July, the patriotic pride bracelet brings out the best in the citizens and lovers of the US of A. And purchasing it before anyone else does is a fantastic way of showing true patriotic feeling. The brilliant idea behind making its design is that should match the personality of just any one who wears it. Not only this, the flag bracelet also looks cool and simple with its stylish design which ensures that the heads turn towards the one wearing it. The bracelet also turns anyone into an instant trendsetter make the wearer proud of themselves. And while it isn’t going anywhere like other fashion fads, for this very reason buying one is a wonderful idea that you shouldn’t miss out on. Moreover, it is something you won’t even think of removing once you buy it!

It’s safe to say that it matched the designer clothing, shoes, and stunning accessories easily and wonderfully. The delicate, affordable piece also proudly makes the wearer a colorful personality. Its easy availability also means that it is easy to order and buy. Even though looking good and being patriotic seldom match, but this one product erases the distance between the two things with ease. A simple yet elegant flag bracelet could single handedly accomplish this feat with a scientifically proven fact. You can also wear this one with utmost confidence. It’s not as if someone would look like a President or a superhero, but it does make you look like a lot different and stylish than most others out there. Clicking it add to cart is really wise choice that you can make and instantly be cooler. And the secret is here to stay. Who knows you might also look like a celeb after wearing this flag bracelet. Well, just in case! In addition, the most extraordinary thing related to it is that it has a long shelf life and you can buy as many as you want.

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Bead bracelets- An inexpensive and incredible fashion accessory to beautify you

imagesDo you want a stylish and elegant jewelry that do not require a huge investment? If your answer is YES, then you’ve landed on the right write-up. Bead bracelets are wonderful jewelry items that suit everyone’s pocket and also, add charm to your overall personality. Such lovely pieces of decoration catches everyone’s eye and enable you in making a style statement for others. Apart from using them to adorn you, you can also use bead bracelets to gift your friends, family member, office staff or any other on any occasion and bring a curve of appreciation on their faces. A perfect Gift for Any occasion Bead bracelets can be an amazing gift for any occasion. Whether you want to gift something memorable to your pretty wife on her birthday or anniversary, or you want to gift your daughter on scoring well in exam or you want an easy-going jewelry, such bracelet with cross will suits every situation and occasion very well. You will receive sincere appreciation for choosing an excellent and stylish gift from the people you gifted the bracelet. As the jewelry do not require much maintenance and care, you can use it on daily purpose when your step out for your work or college without any tension in mind.

Bead bracelet is an essential fashion accessory as it goes well with all types of clothing, including jeans, shorts, party wears, ethnic outfit or any other costume. In fact, they add a different flavor to your outfit and your personality. You can make your appearance more influencing and make notable change to your wardrobe according to seasons such as spring, summer, winter and fall.  During ancient time, people used to wear bead bracelets as a symbol of power, wealth and prosperity. Both men and women wear such ornament designed with beads and gems around their wrist to showcase their status and wealth. Similar to the old times, beads are still in vogue and the most preferred jewelry items, which loved by people of all ages.

images (1)

When searching for snazzy and elegant fashion accessories that make you look different, and exceptionally elegant, try bead bracelets.  They are available in different colors, and designs to serve your requirement and purpose in a proper way.  Some of the bracelets such as glass bead, marble bead, marble cross bead, medieval cross, pearl cross, shimmer cross bracelet, shiny shamble, etc. are in huge demand due to their unusual trendy look. Apart from great look, such ornaments are affordable too, offering enough freedom to the fashion-enthusiasts to do a lot of experiments with the jewelry and dresses. Choosing bead bracelets for yourself or your beloved is very simple. Just ask your beloved about her favorite color, and gift a bracelet in that color to her. She will be surprised to get such a sweet and special gift that will remain with her around her wrist for her entire life. There are a few online jewelry manufactures, displaying their collection over the internet to help customer in choosing their favorite ornaments.

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Nathele summer

Heart braceletFashion tendencies change every time period. Various colors and designs come & go every year. Maximum of these designs is inspired by nature & the various shades of the season. You can discover various types of heart type bracelets to match the different tops, & outfits, and also the custom gowns, you can discover a wide range of these bracelets pieces that are presently accessible in many adorns shops in jewelry shops and also you can find them in the online shop. Here you will get information on various kinds of heart bracelets items that you can apply to suit your outfits in various seasons.

Spring bracelets

Spring season bracelets pieces are a little smaller & generally easy stud kinds of designs. You can also find styles bear a likeness with flowers that are in blossom in spring season every year. Spring season bracelets often utilize numerous stones that are typically mild-colored to suit the naked shades that are generally used by a lot of fashion designers. Various adorns that are set in sterling silver and gold will also work nicely simply because these metals are sparkly and shiny. During spring time glossy colors are the popular in the market. During spring time one should avoid putting on necklaces and earrings studded with black and hefty stones.

Summer bracelets

Summer time is the most accredited to enjoy. At this time there are no classes for the girls in school & this is absolutely the ideal time to go for a vacation to the seaside and work out a little bit on that tan. And for this reason that summer heart bracelet item is generally recognized as the most diversified. They differ from the classic type to the extra modern and contemporary. Spectacular colored bracelets pieces are excellent to suit your summer outfits. Summer bracelets parts are usually made out of numerous seashells and multi-colored crystals which represent the ocean and the sand.

Light-Green-Double-Heart-BraceletAutumn bracelets

Auburn, yellow, red and gold are the colors during autumn season. Numerous colors of green guides the fashion world in the Autumn season, also heart bracelets that are usually in style during this autumn season are those jewels which look like the shades of nature such as amber and rubies. Shiny  gems and stones work extremely well in time of autumn.

Winter bracelets

During the winter season time when the snow begins falling, winter time heart bracelets pieces replicate various types of signs those are usually connected with the period of the winter that is snow and ice. You can observe that diamonds and pearls are generally utilized in winter heart bracelets items. To reveal the similarity in snow silver color has commonly used metal.


The heart bracelets come in various designs and patterns and colors according to the season. The above content gives you the information about which type and color of heart bracelet you will choose to wear which will suit your desired outfit and apart from this it will also match with the color of nature at that season time.

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There is always a long history of jewelry as same as any other materials. Cheap jewelry wholesale is a broad jargon which describes the glittering decorations on people. It shuttles back and forth in the whole history with all different kinds of ways. Nowadays, jewelry was used for its aesthetic purpose which the trend increased gradually.

While in the whole history culture the most direct purpose of jewelry was to show the religious affiliation. Jewelry culture has its own history which is always connected with religious and common symbols. There are some typical religious cultures and common symbols about jewelry which make us know the meaning of jewelry deeply.Egyptian religious jewelry was very symbolic that there are some common symbols such as scarab, lotus, serpent, falcon and the eye. When Islam arrived in Egypt, men were prohibited to wear gold jewelry in the Roman Era. While in that period, silver cheap Catholic jewelry wholesale became popular .

Roman Christianity religious jewelry was prevailing in the period of St. Constantine Christianized Roman Empire which represented art and architecture. There were also many symbols included like cross, rosary and Christian fish charm. The cross is a symbol of God’s love and a warning of suffering. The rosary beads were used in the Roman Christian at the beginning; while later they are popular in the Catholic Church which represented the brief to Islam and Buddhism. To the fish charm, it came from the early Christians which had a symbol of the savior. It was very popular today with much attention by Christians.

Beautiful Catholic Jewelry

Beautiful Catholic Jewelry

Another Native American jewelry, a symbol for nature and status, had been playing an important role in religious ceremonies. It was made of natural materials including feathers and minerals such as turquoise and metals. They were always used in healing ceremonies and harvest rituals when people could wear special jewelry which was made of the right color and appropriate materials. There were other jewelry such as shells, beads and totems. The religious jewelry has played a significant role in Native American culture.

As with all types of jewelry, religiously themed jewelry can be found in a wide variety of materials. Gold is by the most popular of the precious metal for jewelry, and religious jewelry is no exception. Many places of worship are adorned with symbols of faith reflecting the historical significance of gold and other precious metals. Even so, religious jewelry is produced from other metals such as sterling silver. Gemstones are also widely used in the production of religious jewelry.

There are some in the religious community, who have taken issue with what they see as the commercialization of religion. It is true that the popularity of religious jewelry has not been lost on retailers. Getting back the late nineteen fifties, there has been a fear among many people that commercialization might act to actually dilute religious beliefs. I can remember my deeply religious father keeping a glow in the dark plastic Jesus on the dashboard of the family car. This practice was rooted in the belief that honoring religious deities may protect the devotees.

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Shamballa Bracelets – The Colors of the Beads and Its Meaning

bead-shamballa-cross braclet

bead-shamballa-cross braclet

There are people who feel bare if they do not wear a bracelet on their arm. The bracelet can be traced back in the ancient Egyptians where they use the bracelets as a means of displaying their status and protective charm. Another meaning the Ancient Egyptians use it for is they bring it with them to the grave as an identification to the gods to which position they belong. Today the protective purpose of the bracelets still remain the same only that the designs and styles have evolved. The Shamballa bracelets have become very popular both with popular celebrities and the masses.

The true purpose of the Shamballa bracelets were to keep the wearer protected and enhance the kind of characteristic of a person they want to develop. Shamballa is a legendary place uphold in the Tibetan Buddhism sect where they believed the person who has reached this place has attained true enlightenment and wisdom. The location is in the mainland Asia and that reaching the place is next to impossible. The reason why the West seems very fond of Shamballa because of its spiritual benefits and how it represents the inner body and mind.



There are different colors of the Shamballa bracelet and each represents different meaning.

  •  The black colored bead bracelet is the best selling amongst all colors. The color represents death, formality, evil, power, mystery, authority, elegance and strength. This color is usually associated with negative aspects such as evil but it is still what most customers buy first before they chose other colors.
  •  The red colored bead is linked with the base or root chakra which is located on the base of the spine. The emotion of sexuality and passion and the feeling of support, grounding, reality, stability and security are the characteristics that are associated with this color.
  • The white colored bead is technically white but according to records it is the combination of all colors. This color is associated with crown chakra and also with perfection which brings purity and clarity to the wearer. The popular kind of white colored bead that customers always choose is the diamond one.
  • The yellow and gold color is linked with the third chakra or the sunshine center. The characteristics associated with this color are self confidence, purpose, optimism and personal will power.
  •  Orange is linked with the body’s lower abdomen. Feelings, sensuality and intimacy are the characteristics associated with this color which balances creativity and releases the stress that are stopping the person from enjoying their life.
  •  Green is connected with the heart chakra and is linked with nature that provides the rise to harmony and balance.
  • Blue is linked with healing, creative expression, wisdom and communication.
  • The last one is the violate colored bead which is linked with spirituality and bliss which balances all the aspects of spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical self.

There is a combination of all colors which is the rainbow Shamballa bracelet which combines all the characteristics of the colors mentioned above.
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Gain the attention of the public with Shamballa Bracelets

Nathele Summer



Shamballa bracelets are presently enjoying a wellspring of demand. That stars have worn them in the public area to be an eye catching and certainly to gain fame. The word “Shamballa” has two implications. It indicates a mythic domain in the values of Tibetan Buddhists, and it is also the brand name for a renowned jewelry company. Trinkets under the official Shamballa tag can be expensive. But resourceful jewelry lovers can fashion a parallel bracelet for a low price.

How they are made?

Loop Knot

1. Begin the armlet by cutting two lengths strand to 36 inches with shears.

2. Fold them in half and make a loop at the core. Form a 1/2-inch loop.

3. Pull the thread to tighten the loop and leave the loop together.

Square Knots

1. Place the left cord over the core of the strand lengths, then beneath the right cords. Allow this sector of the string to be loose.

2. Pass the right cord beneath the midpoint and over the left cord.



3. Move the right thread again over the core, then beneath the left string.

4. Pass the left thread below the center and above the right cord.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 two times, so that you have created 3 square knots.

Adding the Beads

1. Tie one bead along the two internal strands. Then make one more square knot.

2. Repeat this method of threading a bead and building a square knot until you have attained your preferred bracelet length.

3. Complete three extra square knots once your armlet is at the length you like.

The unique design of these bracelets helps them to cross gender boundaries without the slightest problem. One can wear these with utmost confidence irrespective of the fact whether one is a man or woman. The black crystal disco ball is one of the popular bracelets that can complement any specific outfit. The most tempting aspect with this particular wristlet remains in the fact that the essential monotone design can be truly eye catching. Multi-colored bracelets can truly make any fashion lover go crazy.

Types of  Shamballa Bracelets
A few of the common types of Shamballa Bracelets are as follows:

  •  Rhinestone Bracelet



  •  Copper Shamballa
  •  Alloy Bracelet
  •  DIY Your Bracelet

These bracelets are very exclusive due to their design and the corded method used in securing the gemstone beads. Due to the fact that they are accessible in assorted natural gemstones, these trinkets are very simple to match with your outfit. Whether you want a stroke of color or basic black, beaded accessories are absolutely a wonderful addition to your attire. The fact that they are obtainable in wholesale prices will make it feasible for you to buy as many bracelets as your resources allows. They are great for daily use.

It is an encouraging aspect that Sports Stars, TV and Movie stars wear Shamballa Bracelets. People from every sphere of life hold paramount fascination for such types of bracelets. Such types of bracelets have gained world recognition owing to the unique designs  and incredible beauty. Shamballa jewels have become popular for the Macrame braided bracelets. Macrame jewels are using 18K. These types of bracelet adorn many celebrities and pop singers and athletes adorn such beautiful bracelets too. The simple and intricate designs of such exquisite and appealing jewels appeal to celebrities such as Lamar Odorn and Michael Jordan too.

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