Shamballa Bracelets – The Colors of the Beads and Its Meaning

bead-shamballa-cross braclet

bead-shamballa-cross braclet

There are people who feel bare if they do not wear a bracelet on their arm. The bracelet can be traced back in the ancient Egyptians where they use the bracelets as a means of displaying their status and protective charm. Another meaning the Ancient Egyptians use it for is they bring it with them to the grave as an identification to the gods to which position they belong. Today the protective purpose of the bracelets still remain the same only that the designs and styles have evolved. The Shamballa bracelets have become very popular both with popular celebrities and the masses.

The true purpose of the Shamballa bracelets were to keep the wearer protected and enhance the kind of characteristic of a person they want to develop. Shamballa is a legendary place uphold in the Tibetan Buddhism sect where they believed the person who has reached this place has attained true enlightenment and wisdom. The location is in the mainland Asia and that reaching the place is next to impossible. The reason why the West seems very fond of Shamballa because of its spiritual benefits and how it represents the inner body and mind.



There are different colors of the Shamballa bracelet and each represents different meaning.

  •  The black colored bead bracelet is the best selling amongst all colors. The color represents death, formality, evil, power, mystery, authority, elegance and strength. This color is usually associated with negative aspects such as evil but it is still what most customers buy first before they chose other colors.
  •  The red colored bead is linked with the base or root chakra which is located on the base of the spine. The emotion of sexuality and passion and the feeling of support, grounding, reality, stability and security are the characteristics that are associated with this color.
  • The white colored bead is technically white but according to records it is the combination of all colors. This color is associated with crown chakra and also with perfection which brings purity and clarity to the wearer. The popular kind of white colored bead that customers always choose is the diamond one.
  • The yellow and gold color is linked with the third chakra or the sunshine center. The characteristics associated with this color are self confidence, purpose, optimism and personal will power.
  •  Orange is linked with the body’s lower abdomen. Feelings, sensuality and intimacy are the characteristics associated with this color which balances creativity and releases the stress that are stopping the person from enjoying their life.
  •  Green is connected with the heart chakra and is linked with nature that provides the rise to harmony and balance.
  • Blue is linked with healing, creative expression, wisdom and communication.
  • The last one is the violate colored bead which is linked with spirituality and bliss which balances all the aspects of spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical self.

There is a combination of all colors which is the rainbow Shamballa bracelet which combines all the characteristics of the colors mentioned above.
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