There is always a long history of jewelry as same as any other materials. Cheap jewelry wholesale is a broad jargon which describes the glittering decorations on people. It shuttles back and forth in the whole history with all different kinds of ways. Nowadays, jewelry was used for its aesthetic purpose which the trend increased gradually.

While in the whole history culture the most direct purpose of jewelry was to show the religious affiliation. Jewelry culture has its own history which is always connected with religious and common symbols. There are some typical religious cultures and common symbols about jewelry which make us know the meaning of jewelry deeply.Egyptian religious jewelry was very symbolic that there are some common symbols such as scarab, lotus, serpent, falcon and the eye. When Islam arrived in Egypt, men were prohibited to wear gold jewelry in the Roman Era. While in that period, silver cheap Catholic jewelry wholesale became popular .

Roman Christianity religious jewelry was prevailing in the period of St. Constantine Christianized Roman Empire which represented art and architecture. There were also many symbols included like cross, rosary and Christian fish charm. The cross is a symbol of God’s love and a warning of suffering. The rosary beads were used in the Roman Christian at the beginning; while later they are popular in the Catholic Church which represented the brief to Islam and Buddhism. To the fish charm, it came from the early Christians which had a symbol of the savior. It was very popular today with much attention by Christians.

Beautiful Catholic Jewelry

Beautiful Catholic Jewelry

Another Native American jewelry, a symbol for nature and status, had been playing an important role in religious ceremonies. It was made of natural materials including feathers and minerals such as turquoise and metals. They were always used in healing ceremonies and harvest rituals when people could wear special jewelry which was made of the right color and appropriate materials. There were other jewelry such as shells, beads and totems. The religious jewelry has played a significant role in Native American culture.

As with all types of jewelry, religiously themed jewelry can be found in a wide variety of materials. Gold is by the most popular of the precious metal for jewelry, and religious jewelry is no exception. Many places of worship are adorned with symbols of faith reflecting the historical significance of gold and other precious metals. Even so, religious jewelry is produced from other metals such as sterling silver. Gemstones are also widely used in the production of religious jewelry.

There are some in the religious community, who have taken issue with what they see as the commercialization of religion. It is true that the popularity of religious jewelry has not been lost on retailers. Getting back the late nineteen fifties, there has been a fear among many people that commercialization might act to actually dilute religious beliefs. I can remember my deeply religious father keeping a glow in the dark plastic Jesus on the dashboard of the family car. This practice was rooted in the belief that honoring religious deities may protect the devotees.

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